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Deployment Workshop on TYPO3 DevDays T3DD13 (Part 1/10)

Recently (4.7. – 7.7.2013) the TYPO3 Developer Days (T3DD13) took place in Hamburg/Harburg. This year no there haven’t been any talks, but only 4-hour workshops or tutorials. So I took the chance to do a workshop about „Automated Deployment for TYPO3 CMS“ to share and discuss some ideas and concepts. For those who didn’t participate the T3DD or my workshop, I’ll try to summarize it here.

You will find my Slides on Slideshare

For the summary in this blog I decided to split up the article in multiple topics and publish each as a single post one after the other. These are the topics of the next 9 posts:

I’m really looking forward to your feedback to this topics.

TYPO3’s own Summer of Code 2012

Read the official news on http://typo3.org/news/article/typo3-summer-of-code-2012-it-happens/

If you have any questions, drop ma a mail at tobias.liebig(at)typo3.org

We are really looking forward to your awesome projects!